PALLADIUM is a place where not only lovers of shopping find what they need. The present and our history meet here. Sculptures and paintings, which are placed near to the entrances to our offices from Náměstí republiky and from Na Poříčí, remind us of our illustrious Czech past.
The riding hall crèche
The riding hall crèche was build between 1857 and 1861, according to draft of architect K. Pichal. Main frame is made from 13 arched circles. Dřevěný krov jízdárny byl postaven v letech 1857 až 1861 podle návrhu architekta K. Pichala. Due to humidity and wood-burning mushrooms, a restorative intervention was necessary. And so the arched frames were dismantled, transported to the restoration workshop and transported to their original place after repair.
Glass columns
Between 1983 and 1985, artist Václav Cígler created unique glass pillars for Náměstí Republiky metro station. The passengers could thus look at the refraction of light rays on laminated polished pillars. In the 1990s, objects were removed and damaged by vandals. The author has adapted these scales for PALLADIUM and since autumn 2007 you can find them in the entrance hall of the office space.
Fountain sculpture
The author of the Equestrian Courtyard is the significant contemporary artist Pavel Roučka. His inspiration was the history of the building. The structure of old stones from 17 th and 19 th century stable galleries captivated him so much that he decided to incorporate them into his work. The fountain gallery consists of 7 marble gutters, from which water cascades.
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